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"Anderson University has sought to provide a transformational education experience within an intentionally Christian environment. At the heart of the University’s mission is an uncompromising commitment to great academics, great faith, great hospitality, and great purpose...As a distinctly Christian institution, Anderson University is committed to the spiritual growth of its students in the most important moment of their lives." (

"Anderson University provides students with a rigorous and engaging learning experience that emphasizes the knowledge, intellectual skills, and conceptual frameworks central to each discipline…you’ll experience a first-class, rigorous education at one of the country’s most respected institutions of Christian higher education." (

"Anderson University is an academic community affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention. It provides a competitive education in the liberal arts, professional, and graduate disciplines, and a co-curricular focus on the development of character, servant leadership, and cultural engagement. This is a diverse community that is intentionally Christ-centered, people-focused, student-oriented, quality-driven, and future-directed."


Christian Faith Requirements

Chapel Required:

Christian Membership Requirements

Staff Faculty President Government Board
Name of Religion Dept
School of Theology and Christian Ministry/ Religious Studies Department
VP of Mission/Spiritual Life/Chaplain on Exec Team
Non-Christian Religious Orgs
Christian Centers/Institutes